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The Forest hunting holding “Osipovicheskey experimental forest holding” was founded in 1968.

It occupies the area of 45.7 thousand hectares, among them:

32.3 thousand hectares is forest;
10.5 thousand hectares is fields;
2.9 hectares is water-marsh.

The forest-hunting holding is situated on the territory of 6 forest areas.
The staff is presented by 6 huntsmen and 1 engineer, a specialist in the forest area.

The Forest hunting holding “Osipovicheskey experimental forest holding”

    The hunting complex is  situated in the village of M.(Malaya)Gorozha just nearby the forest massif. The area of the hunting territory is 45.7 thousand hectares of the forest. The numbers of the wild hoofed animals according to the stock-taking in 2018 is high: elks – 82;  beavers – 180; roe deer – 629; hares – 564, foxes – 175, partridges – 316, hazel grouses – 1030.
    Being in the forest-hunting holding you can hunt success fully as well as plan your hunting day according to your taste combining if you wish different kinds of hunting ant an active rest enjoying the comfort of the hunting house.
    The guests of the forest holding have a two-storeyed wooden house with a stove in their disposal it’s a house for seven, which is situated  in the forest, but in spite of its situation you’ll be pleasantly surprised by the cosiness  of  the place. There are three room, a hall with a fire-place ant a kitchen. There are also such conveniences as a shower, hot water, a toilet.

    Food is cooked on one’s own: in the stove or on the fire.
The address:

213760, Osipovichi
Proektiruemaya street 12,
Tel/fax: +375 (2235) 51-8-09, 51-8-05

House of hunter:

Rifle tower:

Hunting trophies: